All of our guests are kept indoors at night in our secure rabbitry. Housing pets indoors at night ensures that they are not exposed to natural predators including foxes, domestic dogs and cats. The accommodation has been designed and built to our specifications purposely to house rabbits and guinea pigs etc. The room is well ventilated and an extraction system keeps the air fresh and clean. Having numerous air bricks at floor level also allows a healthy supply of fresh air to flow throughout without causing harmful draughts.


Whilst your pet is in our care a variety of fresh foods will be provided twice daily. Dried food can be supplied, however rabbits and guinea pigs have delicate intestine flora and a change in food can be upsetting. We therefore strongly recommend that you provide your own dried food.  

Our standard hutches


All hutches have been professionally constructed to a specific design. This maximises cleanliness, safety and security ensuring they can be renewed and repaired when required.


Our hutches are thoroughly cleaned , swept, vacuumed, disinfected and then allowed to dry ready and waiting for check-in. All hutches have a set layout with sawdust, hay, litter tray, food bowl and water bottle. However, if you would prefer to dress the hutch yourself on arrival this is also acceptable.



Our penthouse hutches


We also have a couple of larger hutches that are much bigger than the standard hutches. These hutches are generally used to house our larger customers such as giant rabbits and lops. These hutches can also be used to accommodate bonded rabbits when there are three or more. The larger hutches are subject to availability.

Outdoor runs

All our guests will be offered daily access to an outdoor run (weather permitting). Each run is made of galvanised steel and has a secure lid to ensure your guest's safety. All runs have a shelter and we can also provide sunshades in particularly warm weather.

If any pet shows signs of disease or illness we will reserve the right not to accept your pet for boarding.