Terms & conditions

Check-in & collection


Check-in and collection of pets is by appointment only. Please telephone to arrange a mutually convenient time prior to checking your pet(s) in for boarding with us.




We reserve the right to turn away any guests which we believe are not in good health as they are best kept at home if recovering from illness. This is also to protect our other guests from any illness which could be contagious.




We recommend rabbits are vaccinated against VHD and Myxomatosis. At present there are no vaccinations required for guinea pigs or other small animals.




In the unlikely event that your pet should show any signs of illness we will contact you on your emergency contact number to discuss the situation and transport them to either your vet if local or our vet for treatment. Any veterinary fees incurred for treatment will be payable by yourself on return/collection of your pet.


Non-collection of pet


Should you be unable to collect your pet at the time and date agreed when booking, please let us know as soon as possible and re-arrange a new collection date. Should you neglect to inform us that you will be unable to collect your pet on the agreed day and we are unable to contact you, after 28 days we reserve the right to re-home your pet.


Licensing of boarding establishments


At present there are no licensing requirements for the boarding of rabbits and small animals, therefore it is your responsibility to establish for yourself that a boarding facility is suitable for your pet prior to booking them in for their holiday.